Saturday, May 14, 2011

So sad.......

I haven't written in awhile because I was so angry that One Life to Live was cancelled by the evil Bran Frons and ABC. The only thing that makes it palatable is knowing that Roger Howarth is coming back. I also know that they are going to kill of a major Buchannan character though (think younger set), which I am not happy about at all either.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Roger is BAAACKKK!!!!! :-)

I am BEYOND excited that Roger Howarth is slated to return to One Life to Live!! He's the reason I started watching way back in 1992! Although I think Trevor is a great actor--he never played Todd right for me. Roger had a way of acting that he was angry one minute and vulnerable the next. He could get that tear in his eye when acting and speaking about something from his past and showed compassion when dealing with his kids--although it was really only Starr then. I loved his relationship with Vicki and also Starr. I must say I am not sad to see Trevor go--if he does and I am so curious how the writers will handle this one! My guess is the new Todd had done something to the original Todd and now he's back. Perhaps he had amnesia--that's always a good soap plot!

On to Jack---wow--does this kid need help and a good father figure right about now. The actor portraying him really needs to step it up though for such a powerful storyline. He is merely reading words on a page and not acting at all. Not good. It's too bad they aged him too as he really should be younger. I feel so bad for Shane--he is a good actor! Rex didn't really seem as emotional as I think a parent should be watching his child about to jump off a building.

That's all for now folks!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's been awhile

So while I still haven't missed a day of watching my fav soap One Life to Live, I find it impossible to write as much as I would love to.

So I'm not liking the new Jack. He seems like he is merely reading words from the script and he is not really "acting". I fear this bullying story is going to end with Shane's exit--and I mean that literally. We haven't seen Jack be a bad kid so far and to have him do this complete 180 is forced.

I'm waiting for Roger Howarth to return--he's the sole reason I started watching OLTL in 1992!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


So who thinks that Tea is not really dead afterall? I think Eli forced Greg to give Tea drugs to make her think she was sick and then hid her away somewhere for some reason. I also don't think Eli is dead either.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starr's diploma

Ok--was anyone else surprised at how pristine Starr's diploma was that Hannah had? I mean c'mon--we're not idiots--I just saw the episode where Bull had it rolled up and the crumpled up in the trash! Hannah whipped out a pristine version that looked like it just came off the printer! The diplomas were rolled up when the students got them and the one Hannah had was brand new. I really don't like it when there is no flow from one episode to the next--I notice these things all the time. It's especially noticeable if you watch more than 1 episode at a time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bye Bye SoapNet!?!

I am so disappointed that SoapNet will be converting

to a Disney for kids channel in 2012!!! I count on SoapNet for when I miss an epsiode or the DVR screws up, the news breaks in on the show and a variety of other reasons! I am so annoyed!! Perhaps we can petition for Disney to keep it a SoapNet channel?

Hannah oh Hannah...

Couple things that confused me here in the June 22nd episode (they used to all have titles by the way..what happened with that??). Anyway--why is Hannah still living in a college dorm--didn't classes end already? They usually frown on kids staying in a room over the summer. Weird.

I can't believe Starr wouldn't have gone to her Dad for help with the James situation. Would she really allow herself to be away from Hope?

Anyone else notice how John always chews gum when he does his "police work"? It's so funny. Anytime he goes into a crime scene or interrogates anyone--he's chewing gum--does it make him look tough?
Let's hope Cole doesn't fall for Hannah's stupid act of convincing him that simply because Starr was talking to another guy that she has givin up on him. Cole talks to Hannah all the time. Time will tell.